Master Kushikimi-San's

The Author

Master Kushikimi-San was born out of the violent explosions of Krakatoa’s volcanos in 1883 and has survived off the flesh of the living ever since.  Okay…that’s not entirely true…he’s fed off the dead as well. 

Rumors have it that Kushikimi faked the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand thus leading to the outbreak of World War I.  Others believe that the kidnapping of the Lindburgh baby was one of his practical jokes. 

Speculations aside, Master Kushikimi-San has since retired from the role of practical joker and is now one of the world’s most unmerciful satarists.  He lives by the mantra…take no prisoners, show no mercy.

  1. Love the site, definitely adding it to my blogroll, keep up the good work!

  2. Master K-S, King of the B-S
    I am not a prisoner, or an Australian…but you shore nuff got me!
    I sometimes fall off my stool when reading your “stuff”
    It is absolootly hilarious!
    Quicker than Liquor!
    Where do you get this stuff….Motel 6 leaving their candelabras hangin…Nolan Ryan throwing out a second pitch…I read em all!
    Think you outta syndicate before the syndicates ‘syndicate’ you!
    Peace n the River

    • Otter-mon, you are one of the original Ninjas! Cats over Borneo! Dr. Monarch! You’ve been throwing all different kinds of smoke for years! Hahahaha, thanks for reading I’m glad you guys are enjoying my ridiculousness so much. Maybe I will have to publish a book of these crazy faux/news stories someday!

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