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THE NINJA ARCHIVES: Hanna Barbera Files Lawsuit Against Rachel Maddow

In Bureau of Famous People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters, Democrats, Entertainment, Humor, News, Political Satire, Politics, Republicans, Satire, Television on November 13, 2010 at 20:10

Rachel Maddow, a prominent left-winger and political talk show host on MSNBC is being sued by Hanna Barbera for copyright infringement in regards to her use of, as they put it, “the Thelma look.”

In court papers filed Monday, Hanna Barbera alleges that Maddow’s appearance is, “undeniably Thelma.  The glasses…the short hair…the androgyny…together these elements infringe upon this company’s intellectual property and we ask Rachel Maddow to cease and desist.”

“This lawsuit is just another example of the right-wing conspiracy that has been trying to take me down ever since I started hosting my own show on MSNBC,” said Maddow, “I’ve looked this way my whole life.  The idea that I’m trying to look like a cartoon character who runs around with a over-sized dog is preposterous.”

In response to Maddow’s comments, Hanna Barbera released this photo (a high school yearbook picture of Maddow) to the press and plan on using it as evidence that Maddow deliberately changed her appearance in order to mimic the famous cartoon character known for solving mysteries and conspiracies.

When confronted with having made false statements and the possibility that the cartoon company’s case held water, Maddow sighed and replied, “well…I would have gotten away with it had it not been for those meddling right-wing fascist pigs at Hanna Barbera.”

  1. It’s ridiculous how Political squabbling has impliment itself in ridiculous lawsuits.

  2. Jinkies!

  3. Oh yeah, add the turtleneck and Fred is ignoring her every day of her life.

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