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Westminster Kennel Club Follows NBA, Cracks Down on Trash Talking

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NEW YORK, NY — Henry James Fillmore, Vice President of the Westminster Kennel Club, confirmed Sunday that the 134 year old organization has established new rules for this year’s dog show in hopes of suppressing what he described as, “the rampant and disgusting behavior by dog handlers” that has cast a shadow over the competition in recent years.

The announcement comes just days after Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics found himself in hot water for allegedly telling Charlie Villanueva that he looked like a cancer patient.  Villanueva suffers from Alopecia Universalis, an autoimmune disease that results in drastic hair loss.  Garnett has denied Villanueva’s allegations.

“Trash talking, on a certain level, is to be expected in the NBA…it’s part of the culture,” said Fillmore, “but at the world’s most prestigious dog show?  It’s upsetting to hear the kinds of things handlers say to each other when they are taking their laps around the ring.”  At last year’s show, handler Ronald Floyd reportedly told another handler that his dog “looked like alley trash,” and that the dog “should have been euthanized years ago.”

Fillmore is confident that the new rule changes will help reduce the amount of trash talking at this year’s event.  According to the WKC, if a handler is heard taunting an opponent he or she will be expelled from the competition immediately and replaced with a WKC approved handler.  The dogs themselves will not be penalized for the mistakes of their handlers.

“These dogs are the real stars of the show,” said Fillmore.  “I think sometimes the handlers’ egos and/or jealously get the better of them.”  Fillmore was also quick to point out that the dog’s themselves have been penalized for inappropriately barking at other dogs for many years.  “If the dogs can keep their comments to themselves, so can the handlers,” Fillmore said.

For his part, Kevin Garnett told Ninja Satire that he agrees with the decision of the WKC and that he is considering entering his dog Skinny (a Mexican Hairless) into the competition.  “I’ve wanted to put him in dog shows for years,” said Garnett, “but I was always afraid he’d get made fun of.  He’s got very low self esteem…some people can be so cruel.  But, with the new rules in place, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

  1. The WKC is different than the NCAA in that if they were run the same way, the dog handler would be promoted to the pros and the god would be kicked out of the league. I am glad the WKC is better than the NCAA.

    That aside, I am sure there is a competition for my dog where I can trash talk. It makes for a more entertaining dog show.

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