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“Rain Man” Showing Confidence in Qantas after Mid-Air Emergency

In Business, Entertainment, Humor, In The News, Movies, News, Pop Culture, Satire, Science/Technology, Travel on November 5, 2010 at 16:20

It’s been 22 years since Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt and his brother Charlie made headlines after driving from Cincinnati to Los Angeles in their father’s 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible.  Charlie, who had taken his autistic brother out of the Walbrook Institute in the hopes of securing a three million dollar inheritance after the death of their father, wanted to make the trip by plane.  Despite his brother’s intentions, Raymond refused to board any airline…except Qantas.  Why?  Because Qantas never crashed.

The impressive streak almost came to an end when Qantas flight 32, an Airbus A380 en route from London to Sydney, suffered massive engine failure, putting the fate of the aircraft and all those on board in serious jeopardy.  Amazingly, the crew was able to land the plane safely in Singapore.

In the wake of the accident the entire A380 fleet was grounded until further notice.  Many in the media have questioned the reliability of Qantas’ service, especially when another Qantas aircraft experienced engine difficulties the following day.  However, as far as Raymond Babbitt is concerned, Qantas is still the only way to fly.  “Qantas still never crashed,” said Babbitt, sitting on his bed next to his dormitory window while sifting through a stack of old baseball cards.

Following the incident, Qantas’ biggest fan has been getting a lot of media attention, but any suspicions that Raymond might be wavering in his support of the airline were quickly dispelled.  When asked if he would still feel safe flying on Qantas, Raymond replied, “Yeah…yeah…I don’t know…are you taking any prescription medication?”  Ninja Satire was able to reach Raymond’s brother, Charlie, by telephone and he indicated that he had planned to take Raymond to Australia in 2008 but was forced to cancel the trip when he realized the his brother would not be able to watch Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy on the over-night flight.

  1. I only fly Quantas Airlines. If it’s good enough for a koala, it’s good enough for me. (I just hope the koala is potty trained as it’s usually a pretty long trip from America to Australia.

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