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ELECTION DAY COVERAGE: Typo in Local Newspaper Causes Thousands to Show Up in Swimsuits

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The Hastings Tribune in Hastings, Nebraska posted a reminder to all residents that, “the pools will open at 8:00am and remain open until 8:00pm at all specified locations including all elementary schools.”  Many Hastings residents, perhaps those who forgot it was Election Day, showed up to polling places with swimsuits and towels. 

Nebraska Secretary of State John A. Gale issued a statement late Tuesday morning after hearing that voters in Hastings had been unintentionally misinformed.  “I have been contacted by the Hastings Tribune regarding an innocent spelling error in today’s paper,” said Gale, “and I want to let the people of Hastings know that there will be no swimming at any of the locations mentioned due to the fact that it is Election Day.  Once again…the POLLS will be opening at 8:00am and closing at 8:00pm…POLLS…not POOLS.”

One Hastings resident seemed fairly confused by the whole thing.  “You know, I didn’t think there were any indoor swimming pools in town…but I read the announcement in the paper and figured I must have been mistaken,” said Mike Walker, a local auto mechanic.  “I was pretty disappointed when I walked in an realized it was Election Day…I would have much rather gone swimming.”

Reports coming out of Hastings at this hour speak of record voter turnout, with almost 75% of registered voters having voted so far.  Republican Governor Dave Heineman is crying foul, saying, “seems odd that a newspaper with such a great reputation would make such a glaring spelling mistake on one of the biggest news days of the year…I think somebody needs to find out what happened here.”  It is widely believed that the only way Democratic challenger Mike Meister can win is if voter turnout were to hit such unprecedented levels as 80-85%. 

For his part, Meister showed up to his local voting center wearing a flowered shirt, swim trunks, and flip-flops, saying, “people keep saying the tide is against me but as you can see I’m ready to dive right in!”  He then dabbled some sunblock on his nose, put on his sunglasses, and said, “now let’s ride this wave and see where it takes us!” 

It is unclear whether voters will endear themselves to Meister’s sense of humor or be put off by his utter confusion between swimming pools and beaches, especially considering he’s from…Nebraska.

  1. Haha, thanks for the funny image!

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