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Glenn Beck Claims President Obama is America’s Pontius Pilate

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Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck has blamed everything from the weak economy to the H1N1 virus on President Obama.  On Wednesday night’s show, Beck added one more to the list; The Crucifixion of the American People.  According to Beck, Obama’s acting like a modern-day Pontius Pilate, who has all but sentenced the American people to withstand the ultimate in suffering. 

“Pontius Pilate crucified Jesus…and Barack Hussein Obama is crucifying the American people,” Beck said at the end of his program Wednesday night.  “He’s forcing them to endure a crucifixion of the mind, of the body, and of the soul.  He seeks to tear down the Christian fabric upon which our nation was founded.  He’s put all of you up on a cross so that you might suffer like Jesus did.  But it won’t last a mere six hours…it could last for six generations unless we stand up…”  It was at that point when Beck forced himself to hold back his emotion, as his eyes began to well up with tears. 

Interestingly, all four Gospels paint Pilate as quite reluctant in sending Jesus to his death.  The Gospel of Luke claims that Pilate was duped by the Sanhedrin into believing that Jesus was guilty of sedition against Rome in opposing the payment of taxes to Caesar and declaring himself king.  However, Beck seemed to believe in his metaphor and he kept rolling…

“We are all like Jesus,” Beck said.  “Those of you who choose to stand up to a tyrannical government, those of you who refuse to pay outrageous taxes…are being made to suffer through the thievery of your freedoms and the loss of your liberty.  Jesus died for his cause and we must be prepared to die for our own.  You…we…are the saviours of our nation.”

There has been no official response to Beck’s comments by the Catholic Church or any major Christian organization in the United States as of yet.  However there are reports that daytime talk show host Whoopi Goldberg suffered a minor stroke after watching the show with a friend.  Beck released a statement saying, “I am glad to have Ms. Goldberg as a viewer and I’m praying for her quick recovery, but there is little I can do about Divine intervention.”

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  2. Look, I think you’re a little out of line criticizing the man.

    He is only reporting what it said in the handwritten copy of George Washington’s inaugural address he was leafing through over at the National Archives. Yeah, I know it doesn’t say that in your fancy history “book”. It is written in on the original in sharpie.

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