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Navy Fullback Awarded Purple Heart after Leaving Game with Knee Injury

In Football, Humor, Military, News, Satire, Sports on October 24, 2010 at 23:44

The Department of Defense announced Saturday that Vince Murray, a senior fullback for the United States Naval Academy, has been awarded the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained on the field of battle last week.  The Midshipmen were in the middle of a heated contest against Wake Forest when Murray got hit.  “We were just starting to penetrate their defenses when the enemy cut him down from behind,” said quarterback Ricky Dobbs.  “I just thank the good Lord he survived the attack.”

Murray learned of the honor late Sunday while recuperating in a Navy hospital.  “I’m no hero,” Murray said, “it could have been any one of us that went down that day.  I was just doing my job, simple as that, and I’m extremely anxious to heal up and get back out there.”  Murray is the first Midshipmen to earn a Purple Heart since the Army v. Navy game in 2003.

The announcement came the day after Murray watched his team roll over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame in what was their biggest victory to date.  “We dedicated that game to Vince,” Dobbs said.  “His courage in battle inspires all of us to give as much of ourselves as we possibly can week in and week out.  Right now, we’re invincible.” 

In its history, the Navy has awarded 25 Purple Hearts to Midshipmen who have sacrificed their bodies for the greater good of the team.  Only one player, Rodney Wallace, has ever earned the Congressional Medal of Honor while serving on the gridiron.  In November of 1962, running back Billy Wilkes fell to the ground with a broken leg, and with the ball still in his arms, Wallace carried Wilkes 70 yards downfield scoring the winning touchdown as time expired.

President Kennedy presented Wallace the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony honoring various military personnel for their services in battle.  Kennedy said of Wallace, “there is no greater military training ground than a university football field…we can expect great things from this young man in the future.”  Ironically, Wallace was killed in Vietnam five years later when he instinctively jumped on top of a loose hand grenade.


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