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Christine O’Donnell Loses Spelling Bee to Fifth Grader

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The Tea Party candidate for Senator in Delaware lost an impromptu spelling bee yesterday while visiting Mrs. Wilson’s fifth grade classroom on her way through Dover.  Michael Peterson beat the 41 year old when she incorrectly spelled the word “intellectual” marking the second time this week that O’Donnell goofed while on the campaign trail.

In her debate with Democratic opponent Chris Coons earlier this week O’Donnell argued that the Constitution in no way establishes a separation of church and state.  Of her most recent gaff, Coons stated, “someone seeking the office of Senator should be able to spell better than a ten year old boy from Dover…although it’s not surprising that she had a hard time spelling the word intellectual.”

Jason Randall, a local reporter who witnessed the event, told Ninja Satire, “I wondered whether or not she asked God for help on that one…whatever the case may be it seems Divine intervention was conspicuously absent yesterday.”

What’s worse is that O’Donnell opened her visit to the school by telling faculty, reporters, and parents that, ”our country needs the kind of educational system we had when I was in school…I was lucky to have a solid education.  Today’s children are falling behind and their dependence on technology has led to deficiencies in simple tasks such as arithmetic and spelling.”

Time will tell if O’Donnell’s latest mis-step will have the same effect on her campaign as it did on George H. W. Bush’s reelection bid when Vice President Dan Quayle corrected a sixth grader’s spelling of the word potato by adding an “e” at the end.  Most political analysts agree however that O’Donnell is not smarter than a fifth grader.

  1. “I’m not an intellectual. I’m not any of those unspellable words you have heard. I’m you.” – O’Donnell’s latest political ad

  2. Ah me, ah my. Perhaps politicians could have spellcheck implanted in their brains?

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