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Due to Bad Economy, Motel 6 No Longer “Leaving the Light on For You”

In Business, Economy, Humor, News, Satire, Tidbits, Travel on October 16, 2010 at 16:57

Anybody who has seen or heard an advertisement for Motel 6 knows that they all end with the famous phrase, “we’ll leave the light on for ya.”  However, executives from Accor Hotels, the company that owns the Motel 6 chain, announced Friday that they will no longer be leaving the lights on for their customers due to budget cutbacks and a weak economy. 

According to Accor’s public relations officer Peter Yanko, a drop in business over the past year not only resulted in low profits but higher electric bills.  “Usually when somebody checks into a room in the middle of the night they will turn the lights off and go to bed.  A drop in paying customers means more lights being left on all night.  Our electric bills at almost every location have shot through the roof.”

Motel 6 isn’t the only hotel chain feeling the effects of a bad economy.  Four Seasons Hotels were recently forced to change their slogan from “Fifty hotels, twenty-two countries, one philosophy” to “Thirty hotels, ten countries, and a mission statement.”  Ramada changed their slogan from “A very good place to be” to “Ramada…not too shabby.”

There is no word on exactly when the lights will be turned off but there are already ideas for a new slogan floating around Accor’s offices.  Our staff is partial to, “Motel 6…enjoy our candelabras.”


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