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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to Give Special “Visionary” Award to Stevie Wonder

In Entertainment, Humor, Music, News, Satire on October 12, 2010 at 18:46

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced this week that Stevie Wonder will be the recipient of their prestigious “Visionary” Award at induction ceremonies on March 14th, 2011.  “It’s one of our greatest honors,” said Hall of Fame President Terry Stewart.  “Nobody saw the landscape of music and where it was going over the years more than Stevie Wonder.  He is the personification of the word visionary and it is because of his vision that he has had such unmatched staying power in the industry.”

One of Stevie’s biggest and most powerful fans, President Barack Obama, was the first to offer his congratulations.  “Nobody deserves this honor more than Stevie.  When he looks at a piano, he sees things that nobody else can see.”  When reached for comment by Ninja Satire, all Stevie Wonder had to say was, “these cats know I’m blind…right?”


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