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Rock Icon Frank Zappa is Alive, Running for Lt. Gov in Rhode Island

In Entertainment, Humor, Music, News, Political Satire, Politics, Satire on October 11, 2010 at 07:01

Ninja Satire has learned that rock legend Frank Zappa is, in fact, very much alive and running for Leuitanent Governor in the State of Rhode Island.  Until now, Zappa has successfully eluded the mainstream media under the alias Robert J. Healey and has run several failed campaigns for elected office in recent years.  Under his assumed name Zappa formed the Cool Moose Party, of which he is the only member, and has also operated a fairly successful law practice in Rhode Island since his supposed “death.”

Local political experts in Rhode Island agree that the truth about Healey’s identity can only help him in his current campaign.  “Most Rhode Islanders told our pollsters that his scruffy appearance was the number one reason that they chose not to vote for him in the past…” said local political analyst and former Brown University Professor Darrell West.  “…now that voters have the whole picture on who this guy really is, they could be more likely to vote for him.”

Zappa/Healey vows to abolish the office should he be elected.  Zappa fans everywhere can only hope that he will emerge victorious and use the free time to record a new full length album.


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