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After Seeing Online Photos, Randy Moss tells Brett Favre to, “Trim that Sh*t.”

In Football, Humor, News, Satire, Sports on October 11, 2010 at 12:27

Reports out of New England had Randy Moss and Tom Brady almost going to blows over one another’s hairstyles, with Randy telling Tom to cut his hair because he “looked like a girl.”  Well, apparently Mr. Moss isn’t finished criticizing his teammates hair. 

After seeing the internet photos of his new quarterback’s private parts, Moss approached Favre in the locker room and said, “Come’on man, you gotta trim that sh*t…damn…unless yo d*ck is hostin’ The Joy of Paintin’ on PBS there’s no reason you should have that kinda ‘fro goin’ on down there.”

Favre was unreachable for comment, however Ninja Satire has learned that some of the Vikings players noticed some hair clippings around one of the locker room toilets after practice the following day.


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